Słowa kluczowe: polluting factors, fertilizer, pesticides, environmental health, plastic waste, waste management


Some practices such as fertilisation and pesticide use are carried out in order to obtain high yields in agricultural production. However, as a result of these practices, agricultural pollutants may occur as a result of incorrect agricultural practices. Problems such as water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, nutrient imbalance, salination in soils, eutrophication in waters, beneficial microorganisms in soils and damage to human and animal health occur due to faulty fertilisation and pesticide applications, misuse of agricultural soils, and inaccuracies in the disposal of plastic wastes. In this study, the literature on agricultural polluting factors was examined and it was aimed to raise awareness about agricultural pollution by explaining the harms of agricultural polluting factors to the environment and the health of living beings and by trying to offer solutions. Within the scope of this targeted awareness, this study; It is aimed to raise the awareness of producers in future production processes and to provide a stepping stone for scientific studies on this subject.


Ertop H., Atilgan A., Saltuk B. 2024, vol. 19. EFFECTS OF AGRICULTURAL POLLUTING FACTORS ON THE ENVIRONMENT. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2024, vol. 19/ 1 (1)