Słowa kluczowe: surface waters, eutrophication, water quality, water composition, agriculture, Ostrzeszów commune


This paper presents the results of physical and chemical tests of surface water samples taken from the areas of the Ostrzeszów Commune, which is part of the Ostrzeszów County, located in the southern part of the Wielkopolska Province. The Ostrzeszów commune is included in the urban-rural areas. The physicochemical analysis of surface waters covered samples taken from seventeen measurement and control points from places as accessible as possible. The water quality was assessed in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Minister of the Environment. Surface waters were characterized by typical variability for agricultural areas, i.e. slightly alkaline, pH in the range of 7.5-8.45; specific conductivity in the range of 246-512 μS/cm; turbidity in the range of 1.7-10.5 NTU; total hardness in the range of 1.6-3.2 mmol∙dm-3 Ca2+, Mg2+; alkalinity in the range of 66-142 mg∙dm-3 CaCO3; chloride content in the range of 19-47 mg/dm3 Cl-; content of biogenic compounds, ie: nitrites in the range of 0.02-0.36 mg∙dm-3 N-NO2-; nitrates in the range of 0.05- 4,9 mg∙dm-3 N-NO3-; ammonium ion in the range of 0.04-0.94 mg∙dm-3 N-NH4+; the content of orthophosphate in the range of 0.11-1,56 mg∙dm-3 P-PO43-. The content of metals, i.e. manganese Mn, Fe iron, was characterized by high variability depending on the location of the sampling site (Mn manganese in the range of 0.006-0.22 mg∙dm-3, Fe iron in the range of 0.02 - 0.28 mg∙dm-3, potassium K in the range of 10-13 mg∙dm-3). In all analyzed samples, the presence of copper Cu, nickel Ni and zinc Zn was not detected. The quality of surface waters of the Ostrzeszów commune, in addition to natural hydrological factors, is affected by areas covered by agricultural activity and the evident lack of developed sewerage system in the analyzed sampling regions.
The research carried out at the turn of the year showed that the use of artificial and natural fertilizers in cultivated areas contributed to the increase in the content of biogenic and mineral substances in surface.


Duszczyk J. 2019, vol. 16. ANALYSIS OF THE CONTENT OF POLLUTANTS IN SURFACE WATER IN THE COMMUNE OF OSTRZESZÓW. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2019, vol. 16/ III (1)