Słowa kluczowe: natural and tourism values, assessment, landscape, sustainable tourism, Opolskie Voivodeship


The paper describes and evaluates the space of Stobrawski Landscape Park located in the north-western part of Opolskie Voivodeship. The study on natural and tourism values was conducted by the "classification-
by-points" method. The following evaluation criteria were adopted for the natural values: forestation rate, heterogeneity, the occurrence of natural protection forms and the occurrence of surface water, while for the tourism values, the criteria included: cultural diversity, the number of objects of historical value, the length of tourist trails, the presence of educational paths, and the occurrence of accommodation and catering facilities. Three evaluations, namely natural, tourism, and comprehensive tourism-and-natural evaluation, were carried out. The Head Office of Land Surveying and Cartography data, specialist literature, and field research results were used. The conducted analysis revealed the spatial diversity of the park's assets, which allows the authors to suggest measures aimed at exploiting the tourism potential of the area concerned while observing the principle of sustainable development. In terms of the natural environment, the most valuable fragments of the area under study are river valleys, particularly the Oder river valley, and the north-western part of the park where, inter alia, 4 nature reserves are located. In view of the low tourism traffic in the park, there is no
concern about the loss of natural values of this area due to tourists' pressure.


Stelmaszyk M., Ziernicka-Wojtaszek A., Król K. 2018, vol. 15. EVALUATION OF THE NATURAL AND TOURISM SPACE OF STOBRAWSKI LANDSCAPE PARK. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2018, vol. 15/ IV (1)