Słowa kluczowe: low emission, boilers, pollution, PM10 particulate matter


The article presents an analysis of pro-ecological activities in the municipality of Wadowice in the field of air quality protection against the effects of low emission. Research conducted by the Provincial Inspectorate
for Environmental Protection in Krakow indicated that in the town of Wadowice, the capital of the municipality, in the period from October till March, the permissible level of particulate matter (PM10) was exceeded on average approximately 16 times within one month. The municipality of Wadowice is one of the most polluted   unicipalities of the Małopolska voivodeship. The elaborated municipal Low-Emission Economy Plan, updated in 2017, is coherent with the climate and energy package and  implements the guidelines of the new European Union 2020 strategy for economic and social development. Until 2015, the municipality had implemented
the KAWKA program, which led to liquidation of 11 coal-fired boiler rooms and installation of 11 new boiler rooms. The continuation of the system in 2016 enabled the closure of further 31 coal-fired boiler rooms and the assembly of new boiler rooms and 10 solar panel installations in order to reduce emissions in the local fuel-fired heat source.


Petryk A. 2018, vol. 15. AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENT IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF WADOWICE. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2018, vol. 15/ IV (1)