Słowa kluczowe: Beetosan, chitosan, hydrogels, Aloe vera, bees, waste management


Chitosan based hydrogels due to their specific properties and structure belong to the group of materials widely used in medicine. They are used as drug carriers with controlled release of active substances and in the preparation of innovative wound dressings. The main aim of the conducted research was the choice of the most favorable parameters for carrying the cross-linking reaction by means of UV radiation and microwaves. Subsequently, an adequate composition of the mixture containing chitosan and gelatin for further modification of such prepared the polymer matrix with Aloe vera extract was selected. Subsequently, an impact of introduction of Aloe vera extract into hydrogel on its physicochemical properties and structure was determined. The scope of the research included the measurement of swelling abilities of hydrogels in distilled water and selected simulated body fluids as well as incubation studies aimed at determination of tendency of prepared materials to degradation in previously mentioned fluids and their compatibility in relation to such environments. In order to characterize the chemical structure of the polymers and impact of incubation on this structure spectroscopic analysis was performed. Microscopic analysis was used to define the surface morphology of the hydrogels. Moreover, materials containing Aloe vera extract were subjected to the studies of release of additive from hydrogel matrix. Research was conducted both in acid and alkaline environment.


Kudłacik-Kramarczyk S., Drabczyk A., Tyliszczak B. 2017, vol. 14. SYNTHESIS OF BEES’ CHITOSAN BASED HYDROGELS CONTAINING ALOE VERA. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2017, vol. 14/ IV (2)