Słowa kluczowe: Broiler, Linear Regression Analysis, Spearman Rank Correlation Test, Temperature, Trend analysis


An ideal broiler house should be designed to minimize the effects of weather changes and to keep indoor conditions at the comfort temperature of the animals. In this case, this should be done with minimum cost and possible lowest operating costs. Degree-day methods are used in order to have knowledge of the energy need of any structure. With this method, the measured values or meteorological data can be used to give information about the heating and cooling energy quantities of structures. Depending on the climate change in recent years, the changes need to be examined that have taken place in order to provide optimum comfort in animal barn. Isparta province and districts were selected as the study area. The long-term average daily temperature values are used from meteorological stations of the selected region. The heating and cooling degree day values were calculated for selected balance temperatures in broiler breeding. Linear Regression Analysis and Spearman Rank Correlation Test were conducted to determine the changes of these values due to climate change. In conclusion, it was determined that there were statistically significant trends at 5% significance level in Egirdir (21°C), Isparta (31-29-25 and 23°C), Kasimlar (18°C), Senirkent (31-29-25-23 and 21°C), Sutculer (all selected balance temperature values) and Yalvac (31-29-25-23 and 21°C) in terms of heating degree-day values, and in Atabey (29-25-23-21 and 18°C), Barla (25-23 and 21°C), Isparta (23-21 and 18°C), Senirkent (29-25-23-21 and 18°C), Sutculer (29-25-23-21 and 18°C), Sarkikaraagac (25-23-21 and 18°C), Uluborlu (25-23-21 and 18°C) and Yalvac (25-23-21 and 18°C) in terms of cooling degree-day values. As a result, it has been concluded that more energy consumption will be a concern for heating and cooling of the broiler house that will be built in the province of Isparta.


Yucel A., Atilgan A., Erdem N. 2017, vol. 14. ANALYSIS OF TREND CHANGES IN DEGREE-DAY VALUES OF HEATING AND COOLING: BROILER BREEDING CASE. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2017, vol. 14/ II (2)