Słowa kluczowe: boundary point, boundary line, land consolidation, technologically-legal area of borders of land parcels.


Land consolidation plays an important role in rural areas management by stimulating the areas to develop and contributing in particular to the creation of favourable conditions for agriculture. Land consolidation process enables to form a new state of ownership and is crucial for the improvement of area structure of Polish agricultural holdings. Efficient rural areas management necessitates reliable information about property boundaries. Determination of property rights requires a precise space delineation of those rights by establishing the position of parcel boundaries, which determines future land utilization and possible directions of property development. Clear, unequivocal and reliable establishment of boundaries determines the feasibility of future investments, particularly in the field of technical and social infrastructure.
The paper presents technological and legal aspects of the performance of geodetic works concerning the establishment of the position of boundary points in the proceedings of land consolidation. In the study there were examined existing legislation and technical regulations relating to the process of land consolidation. The records were examined in terms of land demarcation procedure, led particularly by district governor, in relations to the outer boundaries of land consolidation area and in terms of establishment, indication and marking on the ground of newly planned boundary points, resulting from land consolidation project. Theoretical research was confronted experimentally based on the selected land consolidation object. Conducted theory and practice research allowed to submit proposals for changes to the binding land consolidation procedure.


Łuczyński R., Stańczuk-Gałwiaczek M. 2016, vol. 13. ISSUES CONCERNING DELIMITATION OF BOUNDARIES IN LAND CONSOLIDATION. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2016, vol. 13/ IV (2 (Dec 2016))