Słowa kluczowe: Waste incineration, Gas cleaning, Environmental protection, Solid residues from APC, polish plants


This article is a continuation of the first part of the article flue gas cleaning in municipal Waste-to-Energy plants- part I. The first part contains an extensive introduction to the subject of flue gas cleaning and cover subjects: reduction of dust and particle-bounded heavy metals as well as NOX reduction. The second part focuses on reduction of acid gases, organic pollutants and heavy metals. One chapter is devoted to examples of working plants: Spittelau (AT), Issy les Moulineaux (FR), Mainz (DE), Zabalgarbi (ES) where used technology and pollutants emissions are shown along with comparison to WTERT 2006 top ten plants and EU limits. Six new Polish Waste-to-Energy plants are shortly describe according to flue gas treatment methods. Some topics, as costs and residual handling, are only briefly mentioned and for more information the reader is advised to use literature which will allow them to learn more about technology, processes and problems presented in the text. The aim of the study is to present the current state of flue gas cleaning in Waste-to-Energy plants.


Jurczyk M., Mikus M., Dziedzic K. 2016, vol. 13. FLUE GAS CLEANING IN MUNICIPAL WASTE-TO-ENERGY PLANTS – PART II. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2016, vol. 13/ IV (2 (Dec 2016))