Productivity of technical operating resources on farms associated in producer groups

Słowa kluczowe: machine stock, gross final production, gross replacement value


The objective of the study was comparative analysis of production and technical cir-cumstances of the functioning of two producer groups aimed at pig production. A significant difference between the compared producer groups was observed, in the group from (G1) mean livestock size was 48.93 LU∙ha-1 AL. Whereas in the second group (G2), the livestock was at the level of only 19.45 LU∙ha-1 AL. Within the compared groups (G1; G2) a significant dis-crepancy between the number of some machines is noticeable, such as: manure spreader, seeder, rotary mower, collecting balers. Farms of the G2 group had more extensively equipped machine stocks and the difference primarily stems from the size of the cultivated area AL, since in the producer group of (G2) the mean AL value was 30.80 ha and only 17.30 ha in the second studied group (G1). The conducted detailed analysis allowed to demonstrate that the group from Pałecznica (G1) should be assessed as the better one in terms of the productivity of fixed resources. In this group, the fixed resource productivity index indicates, that 1.07 thousand PLN∙ha-1 AL of the production value corresponds to 1 unit of fixed resource value, i.e. 1 thousand PLN∙ha-1 AL, whereas in the compared G2 group, the value was over half low-er.


Szeląg-Sikora A., Sikora J., Malaga-Toboła U., Tabor S. 2016, vol. 13. Productivity of technical operating resources on farms associated in producer groups. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2016, vol. 13/ III (1 (Jun 2016))