Management of manure from livestock housing and its environmental potential impact on water resources

Słowa kluczowe: water resources, animal manure, manure management, environmental pollution


Nowadays the increasing number of animal enterprising depending on the needs of human population growth and nutrition need that was occurred during the production of animal breeding have revealed the manure issue. Manure from animal barn, when not stored properly, causes environmental problems including odour and visual pollution, and could create environmental pollution problems. On the other hand, random storage of manure on the land outside animal barn as a result of climate parameters such as rainfall results in leakage of manure and can cause contamination of water resources. In Turkey, animal manure obtained from animal barns is almost not utilized and is accumulated outside. Manure which is produced in animal barn to be used for agricultural purposes must be stored in the areas which prevent the spread of in the environment . Thus, the loss of minerals in the soil plant available forms are contained in manure, will be prevented. In addition, due to the nutrients and microorganisms, surface and underground water resources can be a factor in polluting and may create a risk to animal health and environmental pollution. The study has been carried out by determining the 4950 cattle breeding en-terprises around the Eğirdir, Beyşehir Burdur and Salda lakes in the Lakes Region. About 50000 cattle are bred in the 4950 cattle breeding enterprises in the study area. However, of these animals 43502 are bred for commercial purposes. When the values in literature are taken into account, the daily manure amount that would be put forth has been calculated as 1500 tons. It has been concluded that animal manure which is the output of animal breeding enterprises will result in environmental pollution, water resource pollution as well as posing a threat to life in general by mixing with water resources such as underground water, lakes etc. when deposited haphazardly in stacks that are not well managed. As a result, we believe that our producers should be well informed regarding manure management prior to experiencing such problems.


Atilgan A., Oz H., Coskan A. 2013, vol. 10. Management of manure from livestock housing and its environmental potential impact on water resources. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2013, vol. 10/ 03 (1 (Sep 2013))