Using the 3D computer scanning method in the environmental impact assessment

Słowa kluczowe: spatial policy, environmental impact assessment, 3D visualization, Białka Tatrzańska


This article presents the possibilities of using computer scanning to design a location for a sewage treatment plan taking into account its impact on the landscape. The activities undertaken could constitute a part of the proceedings carried out in performing environmental impact assessments. Completion of the goal requires literary studies and the analysis of interdisciplinary studies, including planning, land and academic research. The research has been divided into several parts, of which the first one concerns, among other things, the analysis of the value of the natural environment in a given area and analysis of the planning documents in place. The land research consists of scanning the area for the sewage treatment plant using the 3D method. The collected data will constitute the basis for the possibility of using computer scanning to visualise the development in an area of high landscape value.


Hełdak M., Szczepański J., Patrzałek C. 2012, vol. 9. Using the 3D computer scanning method in the environmental impact assessment. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2012, vol. 9/ 01 (4 (Dec 2012))