Realization of spatial database for cataloguing road network of the Raciechowice commune

Słowa kluczowe: GIS, DGPS, Raciechowice, road book, road inventory


In the 21st century, at constant economic and industrial development, the efficient and fast management of technical infrastructure is a key element. Its quality and technical condition considerably influence rural development, possibi-lities to acquire capital, create new jobs, etc. One of the key issues is the road in-frastructure, i.e., network of commune roads, and its condition, while the possibility of management and promptness of decision making determine and are of key importance for planning further development of the commune.In order to manage the road network efficiently and fast, the commune needs all available relevant information. Data describing road technical parameters are the spatial data. Accumulation of the data in geographical database gives a general spatial picture of the commune road network. All data describing roads are recorded in so called road books. The obligation is imposed on the communes by the Minister of Infrastructure Regulation in the method of numbering and registration of public roads [Journal of Laws, No. 67, Items 582 and 583 of 25 April, 2005].The main objective of the presented paper was the realization of a geogra-phical database of the parameters of road network for the Raciechowice Commune Authorities using GPS receiver and the MapSource and ArcView specialist com-puter packages. For this purpose geocoding of road sections and their spatial inventory in the Raciechowice commune was made by means of a GPS device. The results of measurements obtained by means of GPS were then read immediately to MapSource. The data obtained in this way allowed to create a database in which technical parameters of individual sections of the Raciechowice commune roads were recorded. The ArcView software was used for management of the spatial database and visualization of road technical parameters in form of maps and diagram maps.




Sikora J. 2011, vol. 8. Realization of spatial database for cataloguing road network of the Raciechowice commune. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2011, vol. 8/ 12