Comparative study of soil infiltration capacity at selected sites

Słowa kluczowe: soil, infiltration rate, hydro-physical properties of soil, soil compaction


The study deals with definition and cross-comparison of soil infiltration capacity at two selected sites located in cadastral territories of Nosislav and Žabčice, Czech Republic. In order to assess the soil infiltration capacity in the areas of interest Niva and Kovál over the course of the 2010 growing season, four trips were made with three measurements taking place during each trip. A method of double-ring infiltration measurement was applied, based on the use of two concentric cylinders in field conditions and the subsequent data processing via geographical-empirical method according to Kostiakov. The soil infiltration capacity was assessed with regard to physical properties determined by an analysis of intact soil samples using Kopecky cylinders. The results indicate a reduced infiltration capacity due to soil compaction and also significant differences between the two sites, primarily caused by differences in soil type and, hence, different physical characteristics.




Vičanová M., Toman F., Oppeltová P. 2011, vol. 8. Comparative study of soil infiltration capacity at selected sites. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2011, vol. 8/ 12