The role of agrotourism in the development and conversion of rural areas

Słowa kluczowe: agrotourism, rural development


Agrotourism plays a huge role in the activation of rural areas. Its position and market power affects a number of external components and mechanisms. And although its positive impact on the economic and social development rural areas is noticeable, it also reveals a number of barriers related. An important aspect is to strengthen awareness of local communities concerning benefits resulting from the development of this non-agricultural source of income. Only then it will trigger a multiplier effect that will eventually lead to reduction of unemployment, job cre-ation in sectors serving tourists, revenue growth and will improve both living standard and working conditions of the population actively involved. Improving the visibility of rural values, processing, traditional crafts, rural buildings can become a powerful magnet for tourists, tourists looking for new unconventional forms of recreation. Benefits of the development of rural tourism can become real if there is visible involvement and close cooperation between both - service providers and local authorities (government).




Cichowska J., Klimek A. 2011. The role of agrotourism in the development and conversion of rural areas. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2011/ 11