Optimisation of spatial structure exemplified by the village of Filipowice

Słowa kluczowe: plots layout, optimisation of farmland arrangement system, consolidated lands complex


The developed method of optimising a farmland arrangement system con-siders two basic directions when improving the layout of plots and farms: the aim of bringing farmlands closer to a farmstead site and the aim to improve the size and shape of plots. The basis for constructing this optimisation model comprises the division of consolidated land complexes into small elementary strips and the de-termination of distances between those strips and farmstead sites. The final result of the entire optimisation procedure is a complete digital map of a new farmland arrangement system. With this map, it is possible to compile all the documents necessary to create a cadastre. The time- and labour consuming processes of pre-paring data, constructing the model and solving it have been automated through the application of relevant software programs, thus, the method developed can be used in practice. The optimisation principles of farmland arrangement system were exemplified in the case of the village of Filipowice located near the city of Cracow. The optimisation performed resulted in, among other things, enlarging the mean plot area by four times and in bringing it 30% closer to a farmstead site.


Harasimowicz S., Janus J. 2010, vol. 7. Optimisation of spatial structure exemplified by the village of Filipowice. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2010, vol. 7/ 11