Water relations in forested areas in the Tomaszów Lubelski forest division

Słowa kluczowe: small water retention, forest catchments, fire protection reservoirs


The paper presents results of observations and hydro-meteorological meas-urements in a small catchment of the Krynica River, representative of the
Tomaszów Lubelski Forest Division. The presented analysis of components of the water balance, particularly the volume of runoff, indicates the advisability of the construction of two reservoirs in the Bełżec Forest District. These reservoirs are to serve as elements of the fire protection system and the water retention system. Through damming culverts they will be connected with the Krynica River. Pre-sented results constitute the hydrological characteristic of the catchment prior to the change in the engineering infrastructure related with the construction of the reservoirs. A complete evaluation of the efficiency of the investment will be possi-ble after the reservoirs have been put in operation.


Miler A., Bronikowski A. 2010, vol. 7. Water relations in forested areas in the Tomaszów Lubelski forest division. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2010, vol. 7/ 11

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