Regional policy in Poland and its importance for development policy

Słowa kluczowe: regional policy, cohesion policy, development strategies, operational programmes


The subject of the article is regional policy in Poland conducted according
to the principles governing the European Union cohesion policy. The author addresses
especially the key issues of regional policy, defines its objectives and instruments
as well as the main models. The discussion provides the background for
the subsequent analysis of the current and future shape of regional policy implemented
in Poland. The aim of the article is cognitive and pointing to the changes
of directions and character of activities aiming at working out the proper development
strategy for Poland, in compliance with the European Union directives but
also meeting the needs of regions on different levels.
Regional policy currently pursued in Poland and based on the idea of the
European Union cohesion policy aims at creating the system of planning and management
of spatial management integrated with the main tendency of socioeconomic
planning. The condition enabling conscious space development is possessing
and using appropriate legislative, administrative, organizational, promotional,
information and other instruments. Poland’s regional policy conducted
within the frame of common cohesion policy and targeting common objectives is
financially supported by the EU funds and financial means from the Cohesion Fund.
The shape of regional policy in Poland is determined by the striving to
identify strong regions which would be able to push the economic development of
the country strengthening at the same time less innovative regions. Polish regional
policy included in the EU development programmes is using the instruments adjusted
to the individual properties of regions, where the leading player is a region
characterized by a considerable autonomy in this respect affecting the way in
which the existing pro-development possibilities are used.
Such solution of the planning and implementation of development policy
draws Poland closer to contemporary concepts of regional development theory,
showing the region as an autonomous, socio-economic system, creating a vision of
development and evaluated for its effectiveness. The future shape of Polish regional
policy will depend on such concepts which emphasize the role of regions,
ascribing them a growing importance in the national development policy.


Chudy-Hyski D. 2009. Regional policy in Poland and its importance for development policy. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2009/ 07