Methodical bases of family farm modernization

Słowa kluczowe: rural areas, agriculture, family, activities, modernization, assessment, methods


Described were IBMER (Institute for Buildings Mechanization and Electrification
of Agriculture (IBMER)) activities aimed at the development and verification
of research procedures used for the assessment of commercial family farm
activities and for evaluation of progress in their technological and ecological modernization.
Current assessment of agricultural farm activities has been conducted using
an appropriate IBMER procedure [Wójcicki 2008], which comprises tables for
parametric (numerical) description of commercial farm equipment and activities
in 2008.Development family farm is modernized on the basis of the project of its
organization and mechanization in the nearest 5-7 years (e.g. until 2015). Such
project may be developed using new IBMER technological and balance sheet procedure
(methods), which has been currently (2009) elaborated and verified.
A comparison of the recent activities with the accepted organizational project
allows to determine the level of progress in the sphere of technical and ecological
modernization of the analysed farm and its infrastructure.
Both research procedures contain a number of common methodical bases,
the part of which was synthetically compiled in tables concerning the assessment
of modernization of a sample farm with farm area 40 ha AL, specializing in potato,
milk and beef cattle production.


Wójcicki Z. 2009, vol. 6. Methodical bases of family farm modernization. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich. Nr 2009, vol. 6/ 07